The Arnold Janssen Chapel

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  Arnold Janssen Chapel

The Arnold Janssen chapel, located on the right of the main altar in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, is dedicated to St. Arnold Janssen, founder of the Society of the Divine Word.

The window to the left depicts St. Arnold inviting two young men to consider bringing the Faith to peoples around the globe. Inviting young men and women and enabling them to become missionaries were the driving ideals of St. Arnold for the last thirty-five years of his life.

The obvious holiness and zeal of Arnold Janssen is what moved Pope John Paul II to declare him a saint on October 5, 2003. His feast day is celebrated on January 15th

The chapel was renovated in 2007 and seats 60 people. It is often used by retreat groups for services, as well as for memorial masses, daily mass and other services.